Heroic and environmentally friendly viticulture at extreme altitude on Etna



Heroic and environmentally friendly viticulture at extreme altitude on Etna



Heroic and environmentally friendly viticulture at extreme altitude on Etna



Small but authentic winery on Mount Etna

Heroic vineyard

One of the highest vineyards in Europe, located at an altitude of 1.100 meters above sea level on Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe

Massal selection

A selection that lasted 15 years, from ancient and ungrafted plants of Grecanico Dorato and Albanello… almost extinct vine varieties

Natural cultivation

A natural and healthy environment surrounds our vineyard as if it was a garden, with complete respect for the local flora and fauna. No use of pesticides!

Manual harvesting

Only made by local people who are familiar with these grapes and pick them one by one, the harvest is still a moment of celebration!

No rush

10 years of small batch fermentation, in order to understand the full potential of our wine and allow the highest expression of its volcanic qualities

Careful vinification

Gentle vinification respecting the nature of grapes, with the support of our friends Benanti, pioneers of Etnean wines of the highest quality

Local yeasts

Fermented with yeasts from ancient rural “palmenti”, wine making areas, on Mount Etna, which never employed industrial yeasts

Indigenous company

Etnean environment, local vineyards grown by native “artisans”, local enologist using local yeasts, all sharing the same passion for Etna

Video Etna

Harvest on Mount Etna 2014

High on Mount Etna, at an altitude of 1.100 meters above sea level and surrounded by a wild and uncontaminated landscape, a small vineyard gives us every year its grapes, which we use to produce a unique and truly volcanic wine.

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Our wines: an extra limited production, the result of our patient passion and our love for Mount Etna!

6 bottiglie di vini dell'Etna SantaMariaLaNave
4 bottiglie di vini dell'Etna SantaMariaLaNave

Etna’s wines with their volcanic authenticity!

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