Saint Agatha in Catania, between legend and devotion

By 05/02/2015December 12th, 2017Miscellaneous

Why should we talk of religious festivities on the website of a company that produces Etna wines? It’s an understandable question, but everyone who has been in the province of Catania during the celebration in honor of Saint Agatha (from the evening of February 3 to the morning of February 6) knows that all the province stops to honor the “Santuzza” (little Saint in Sicilian dialect). This celebration is huge, rich in tradition and folklore, intense and passionate.
On this day, we too want to share a small gift, posting the wonderful video of Daniele Musso and Desirè Zappalà (bravi!) that we believe encloses in a few minutes a good synthesis of the true emotions of these days of celebration in Catania.

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