Chef Tatsumoto: Sushi, Sashimi and Wine

By 11/10/2015December 12th, 2017Reviews

After, the famous chef Tatsumoto had a wine tasting and a pairing with Sushi and Sashimi, he sent us a video in which he talks about the characteristics of an excellent wine to pair with traditional Japanese cuisine and he includes our Millesulmare in his recommendations.

The master Tatsumoto, comes from Kyoto, after having worked as a chef in Japan for many years, he moved to Italy 25 years ago. He goal is to promote Japanese culture and cuisine through seminars, workshops, courses and cinema.

We would like to thank the chef Tatsumoto for the video. We are grateful for his appreciation of our wine, Millesumare, and our vineyard located in the high altitudes of Mount Etna. It is wonderful that Tatsumoto thinks our wine is an excellent pairing with Japanese cuisine, which is so rich in culture.


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