Review: Millesulmare e Calmarossa

By 16/03/2016December 12th, 2017Reviews

The famous Italian wineblogger, Francesco Saverio Russo, after tasting our  Millesulmare e Calmarossa dedicated a wonderful review to our wines. I definitely want to share it on our blog.

“Mount Etna and its most extreme expression… Santa Maria La Nave, a very small winery that gives you the greatest emotions! From the harmonious and fresh refinement of Grecanico Dorato, to the vigor full of lapilli and magma of a red wine that has yet to complete its bottle ageing, but already tastes of soil, sun and sea…


Such elegance, these two wines… But it is not the kind that makes you think, ‘well, yeah… everything is as it should be!’ In this case you taste them and think, ‘Wow… they all should be like this’. It has happened again. Unbeknownst to me, a tear rolled down after the Calmarossa. Long live Mount Etna and its magnificent wines! A profusion of minerals and freshness!” 😉



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