Langosteria 10: the Best Fish Restaurant in the Heart of Milan!

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Being I a true Sicilian woman and having lived almost my whole life close to the sea, I have always loved eating fresh fish at the restaurants along the sea of my Island.

I still recall the wonderful smell of Sicilian fish, prepared in a simple and refined way as our food tradition requires, its intense taste, its perfect elegance exalted by a paring with a Grillo, a Carricante, or a mineral Grecanico Dorato, with its polished sapidity that perfectly balances its taste and structure.

When I moved to Milan for some time I thought it would be impossible to find a restaurant where I could eat fish with an authentic and not artificial flavour, cooked with love and simplicity.

I thought it was possible only in Siciliy, at the slopes of Mount Etna, where earth and sea have been living in symbiosis since forever.

I was wrong.

In Milan there is a restaurant, in the heart of the famous district of fashion art and design of Via Savona, that with its atmosphere, refinement and attention to the dishes of the freshest and highest possible quality represents a true reference point for the Milanese town: Langosteria 10.


You will not find another restaurant with this kind of identity in Milan, known and appreciated by true lovers of fish and elegance, a true must that you cannot do without once you have “tried” it…

Perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner, smart casual for an aperitif with friends, good privacy for business dinners.

Langosteria 10 is a one of a kind restaurant, an incredible surprise where the owner, Enrico Buonocore, was able to “create” a trés chic atmosphere with commitment and passion, without ostentation and opulence, perfect for any occasion: because here the true luxury is what’s on the dishes and inside the glasses.

The nice and smiling staff welcomes you and goes with you on a thrilling wine and tasting journey, while the skilled and professional sommeliers, Alessandro Zingarello and Paolo Arensi, always know how to suggest you the perfect wine for every course.

As a sommelier I truly appreciate their well-articulated wine chart, a mixture of titled labels and niche wines, sought-after and really interesting.

After many years as a devoted client I had the chance to get Alessandro Zingarello, chef sommelier of the prestigious restaurant, and Paolo Arensi, sommelier and official AIS taster, taste my wines, Millesulmare and Calmarossa. They appreciated them, found that they were a perfect pairing to their fish dishes, and added them to the wine chart.

Below you can find some of my favourite dishes of Langosteria 10, extraordinary delicious dishes and elegantly served, where the freshest fish is the main ingredient, perfectly paired with a Grecanico Dorato or an Etnean Nerello Mascalese, “daring” a pairing that could make a difference!

Plateau di ostriche e ricci

One of the “flagships” of Langosteria 10, you can’t avoid trying it almost once! The sophisticated choice of oysters, urchins, prawns, perfect when paired with the elegant minerality and sapidity of Millesulmare and its volcanic notes, typical of an Etnean indigenous vine variety.

Tartare Ricciola e Gamberi Rossi

Tartare of amberjack with Sicilian red shrimps, with a lime sauce which exalts and enriches their taste.



Sea crudités with their savoury sauce of dried tomatoes, capers and olives, a must!

Tris Tartare

The tartare trio: simple, good, you can truly feel the taste of the sea.

Scampi e acciughe

Red shrimps from Mazzara del Vallo and anchovies, a perfect union!

Aragosta rosa in Gazpacho

Lobster in gazpacho

Pappa la pomodoro e vongole

Pappa al pomodoro and clams

Linguine bottarga, calamari spillo e vongole

Linguine with mullet botargo, spillo squids and clams: the three “must-try” dishes of Langosteria 10 that I personally love very much and find perfect, not only when paired with a Millesulmare (a pure Grecanico dorato) but also in a more sophisticated and ambitious pairing with the Etna Rosso Doc Calmarossa.

There are many other delicious dishes that can be tasted at Langosteria 10 and for me it’s a true pleasure to see them paired with our Millesulmare and Calmarossa!

Thanks to Alessandro and Paolo for sharing our philosophy and our productive approach and our heartfelt thanks to all the staff for the commitment and the love for their work, so much that they were able to make the Langosteria 10 a true guarantee in the gourmet landscape of Milan!

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