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The famous Wine Blogger Francesco Saverio Russo of WineBlogRoll has spoken again about our wines,  Millesulmare (100% Grecanico Dorato) and Calmarossa (85% of Nerello Mascalese and 15% of Nerello Cappuccio).

In his writings you can feel a technical-emotional approach that makes mind and heart travel as one, transposing the readers directly in our picturesque heroic vineyards on Mount Etna. Our wines are full with energy and personality and that’s exactly what we were able to communicate to F. Saverio, through sips of minerality and emotions. Here are a few excerpts from the article that you can read integrally here:

It was really important for me to thank him and to share an excerpt from his wonderful article on our blog:

There’s a place in Italy where earth, sky and fire meet, a place where the living energy transcends the elements and Nature infuses its strength into everything that is born and raises there. This place is called Etna and it is exactly there, on the highest active volcano in Europe, that I want to take you today.

At an altitude of 1100 m, on the north-western slope of the volcano, the small winery of SantaMariaLaNave was born, a boutique winery that was founded in 2004 by the Mulone family […]
SantaMariaLaNave is an Etnean indigenous reality as its encepagements are, which are grown and guarded by local “artisans” and by a winemaker that, according to the tradition, uses only indigenous yeasts: these yeasts are obtained by ancient agricultural millstones of Mount Etna, where industrial yeasts have never been used…and, in order to debunk the myths according to which natural wine-making would only be a passing trend or considered as an excuse for various kind of stinks and stenches, you are brought to love SantaMariaLaNave’s wines just smelling them. They sincerely express the perfect union between tradition and knowledge of the past on the one hand, and taste and modern awareness on the other.

Their concept is that of a “garden-vineyard”, perfectly placed and integrated in a natural and healthy contest, fully respecting the local wildlife. That’s why they don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers: it’s the very Mount Etna that, besides preserving the health of the vineyards, gives them an extraordinary organic fertilizer, full of minerals, thanks to its periodic volcanic eruptions.

SantaMariaLaNave’s viticulture is heroic in all respects: their vines climb up and reach high altitudes on an active volcano, resisting the strong climatic excursion that will furthermore enrich their aromatic content […]

Here is the link to the complete article:

Thank you so much!

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