The Best Tomato Pasta in the World!

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Where can you eat the best tomato pasta?

Naples, Catania, Florence?

No, in Kyoto! It seems impossible, but that’s the truth. And the secret is simple: you just have to add the proverbial attention, or better obsession, for the research of the ingredients that the Japanese Chefs put in each one of their dishes, to the passion, creativity and experience of one of the best Italian Chefs abroad, Valentino Palmisano,

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The Best Italian Restaurant in Prague: Hostaria!

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Praha matka měst, the mother of all cities: that is how Prague’s two million citizens nickname it. Prague is a unique city, suspended between history and innovation, rich in charm and refined elegance.

Praga ImmagineGoing back to Prague after so many years was a great emotion since my blurred memories couldn’t do justice to the artistic and cultural heritage of the old city (one of the most beautiful places amongst the World Heritage sites). Its timeless charm is disarming to say the least, but Prague is also much more than this.

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A Legend in Florence

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In Florence there is one of the best restaurants in the entire Italy, Leggenda dei Frati, set in the charming scenery of Villa Bardini, its park and its museum, where a lucky onlooker can experience the Renaissance charm that characterizes the whole complex.
The sight is unbelievable, to say the least. From there one can see the entire city, elegant and full of wonderful energy.

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“A Wine Tasting at 1000 Meters of Altitude with the Wines of the Etnean Winery SantaMariaLaNave.”

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On Saturday, January 16, we were guest of Tuscanative in Arezzo and spent a wonderful evening at a tasting of our wines, Millesulmare 2013 and 2014 and the Calmarossa 2014. We were completely charmed by the dishes that Chef Luigi Casotti came up with and prepared with love to specially match our wines, after he had tasted them with great care. An extraordinary food and wine matching to say the least! Read More

The Most Expensive Champagne in the World!

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Producing a Classic Method on Mount Etna is an intimate and natural desire, given the qualities of the volcanic soil and of the indigenous vine varieties, already in 1870 the Baron Felice Spitaleri di Muglia produced the first bottle of Champagne Etna, thus giving birth to the experimentation of sparkling winemaking on the volcano. This recurring idea swirls in the head of all the Etnean producers, who are aware of the minerality, the sapidity and the bright sourness of Carricante and of Nerello Mascalese vinified in white. They understand its potential, which can be “triggered” by a second fermentation in bottle!

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A Vineyard’s memories…on Mount Etna.

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The earth remembers everything, for this reason we have to love her as a human being and she will give us her love back.

A long time ago, vine cultivation and wine production were the principal activities on Mount Etna. The ancient farmers selected the best vines, groomed the challenging lava land to cultivate. They had to clear the stones and build little walls and terraces to overcome the issues created from the Volcano and to cultivate there, where the soil was more fertile.

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Men get better drinking: they make good business, win causes, are happy and support friends.

Aristofane (450 a.C. – 388 a.C.)

The people of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learnt to cultivate the olive and the vine.


All that nature has of great, all it has of pleasant, all it has of terrible, can be compared to Etna and Etna cannot be compared to anything.

Dominique Vivant Denon

Saint Agatha in Catania, between legend and devotion

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Why should we talk of religious festivities on the website of a company that produces Etna wines? It’s an understandable question, but everyone who has been in the province of Catania during the celebration in honor of Saint Agatha (from the evening of February 3 to the morning of February 6) knows that all the province stops to honor the “Santuzza” (little Saint in Sicilian dialect). This celebration is huge, rich in tradition and folklore, intense and passionate.
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Wine is a mixture of humour and light.

Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642)

A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover.

Clifton Fadiman

[In Sicily] vines bear the rich clusters ripe for wine, and the rain of Zeus gives them increase.