Langosteria 10: the Best Fish Restaurant in the Heart of Milan!

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Being I a true Sicilian woman and having lived almost my whole life close to the sea, I have always loved eating fresh fish at the restaurants along the sea of my Island.

I still recall the wonderful smell of Sicilian fish, prepared in a simple and refined way as our food tradition requires, its intense taste, its perfect elegance exalted by a paring with a Grillo, a Carricante, or a mineral Grecanico Dorato, with its polished sapidity that perfectly balances its taste and structure.

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The very famous Master of wine in Australia, Peter Scudamore, during his wine and food tour in Sicily, he has could visit the great Volcano Etna, famous wineries, and the place where we have our vineyard, contrada LA NAVE at 1.100 meters above sea level. I want to say thank you to Peter for his article about Etna wines, and about LA NAVE and our Millesulmare of grecanico dorato  that he has described with great competence and passion.

This is an extract of Peter Scudamore’s article:


“The latest addition to my Mount Etna wineosphere is the brilliant white wine from the winery Santa Maria La Nave: grown on the northern slopes of the mountain.

This exciting part of Sicily continues to capture and allure international writers and sommeliers. It has to be the elevation that these local indigeneous varieties enjoy. There is freshness and a joy in the mouth. Don’t miss it!

This Santa Maria La Nave Millesulmare 2014 Sicilia DOC is special in colour: it has luminosity in the glass, masses of quartz-green glints, excellent lustre of a wine with pearl shell gloss; it “winks” at you.

Millesulmare 2014 Peter Scudamore


The taste works a treat; and the aromas are not overt, just muted citrus and lemon rind; subtle, no more.

The  citrus meet on the palate, and the sensation you  find is one of linearity of acidity that goes on for ever. Note the acid succulence, respond to the salivary senses and detect the peak when the lemon essence and lemon grass acid flavours start fading. Should take ten seconds.

These vines have been around for some time but Riccardo is yet to tell me how long.

Now they are being curated and carefully propagated by massal extension, using the old process of burying one unpruned cane of an old vine into the next vine space to start re-growth. Some call the process layering.

So the vineyard must have gaps from vines which have died; now they are being replaced using a very meticulous plan.

These Etna whites have shrill acidity, and slim body, generally irrespective of the variety. They are naturally minerally, merely responding to their terroir.

Peter Scudamore-Smith MW visited  Sonia Spadaro Mulone and Riccardo Mulone in Milan to interview for this project; and served this Grecanico Dorato 2014 at the opening evening dinner of Uncorked and Cultivated Sicily Wine and Food Tour 2015 in Taormina..”


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Millesulmare 2013: “A Jewel of wine!” 4.7points/5

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In August, while we were on Mount Etna, we have received a message from SalvyBigNose, a sommelier/blogger, who lives in Scotland. SalvyBigNose had heard about our Millesulmare and, being in Sicily for his holidays, he wanted to buy few bottles for have a proper wine tasting. SalvyBigNose showed an incredible dedication, because he spent several hours in his car to come to Mount Etna and find our bottles. We appreciated his competence and his deep knowledge on Etna Wines, and we admired his deep passion for wine.

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Millesulmare on Pope Francis’s Menù

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From our heroic vineyard of Grecanico Dorato, located at 1100 mt. a.s.l. on Mount Etna, our Millesulmare has been chosen to accompany Pope Francis’s menù during his Apostolic travel in Ecuador in July.

Marco Picano is the chef that organized the event, he has tasted our Millesulmare during a very important Italian wine festival (the chef really loves Etna wines) and he decided to include them on the menù for the Pope’s flight on July 5th.

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Etna: Geology, History, Legends and Wine

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Mount Etna is, with its 3343 meters above the sea level, the highest volcano in Europa and for us it’s also the most beautiful. It stands uncontested against the huge sky that has witnessed its birth and its polyhedral transformations over the course of time. Ruler of part of Eastern Sicily, its pride and its restless nature have been accurately recorded over thousands of years, bestowing upon Mungibeddu, a nickname affectionately given to the mountain by the population living on his slopes, a sense of reference, gratitude and respect unique all over the world, which is typical of a holy mountain.

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Etna: Sleeping on a vineyard at 1100 mt

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Our friend Dario di Bella, photographer and writer, proving once more his boundless love for Mount Etna, wanted to add our vineyard to a number of nights spent sleeping in the open, without a tent. He calls these experiences Microadventures and they have many followers among lovers of nature and of eco-friendly tourism.  Dario is one of those people who chose to dedicate their life to their dreams, which are nature, photography and writing. With his sweet wife, he left Milan in order to spend most of their time on the Nebrodi Mountains. They had planned this return to nature for years, studying every move.

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CERVIM Viticoltura Eroica

SantaMariaLaNave admitted to CERVIM, the organism for the safeguard of heroic viticulture

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We are honored that the 5th May 2015 the Board of Directors of CERVIM, after a full review of our Company, has decided to include SantaMariaLaNave, and our white wine Millesulmare of Grecanico dorato vines, amongst its members. CERVIM is an international organism, created in 1987 under the auspices of O.I.V., Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin. Many regions and regional organisms joined this Center, all brought together by their common interest in promoting and safeguarding mountain viticulture.

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Intervista a Sonia Spadaro Mulone

SantaMariaLaNave on the special report of Sky Classlife on Vinitaly

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Today a special report on Vinitaly was broadcast on Sky Classlife, edited by the journalist and reporter Tarsia Trevisan. Few minutes of the report are about SantaMariaLaNave, including an interview to Sonia. Below we are posting the link where you can see this special report. The part on SantaMariaLaNave starts from minute 6.

Chef Angelo Scuderi

The Chef Angelo Scuderi chooses Millesulmare and Calmarossa

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The chef Angelo Scuderi has chosen our wines as top products for its restaurant, pairing them with typical dishes of Etnean tradition, revisited with its innovative style, and also as ingredients for some of his recipes, which we will be publishing on our blog during the next months. We thank chef Scuderi and we report the introduction page to his menu, which is a great honor for us.
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