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sonia con il figlioletto

I’m back!

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The life of a blogger could be hard! In fact, I have never thought about being a blogger, my aim was to write a small diary to remember and share all of the splendid moments, or not, that my work gave me.I had promised myself to write, even only a few words for every relevant moment of my life as wine producer on Mount Etna. But I couldn’t manage to keep the promise.

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A Vineyard’s memories…on Mount Etna.

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The earth remembers everything, for this reason we have to love her as a human being and she will give us her love back.

A long time ago, vine cultivation and wine production were the principal activities on Mount Etna. The ancient farmers selected the best vines, groomed the challenging lava land to cultivate. They had to clear the stones and build little walls and terraces to overcome the issues created from the Volcano and to cultivate there, where the soil was more fertile.

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The Old Man and the Drone on Etna

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It was the last Saturday of October and maybe it was time for the last harvest on Mount Etna –maybe in the entire Sicily. All grapes of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Caricante had been gathered from the vines we can see along the streets and Etna wines were already coming to life deep in the cellars – just the craziness of a vineyard located at more than 1100 meters above sea level could push someone to such a late harvest. It had been a wonderful year on Etna, especially for white wines, while in the rest of Italy it had been a very difficult year for harvesting. That day the weather was cool, after the muggy weather of last week. At dawn I went with Sonia to Contrada Nave, where we could find our wonderful grapes, our clusters of Grecanico Dorato and Albanello: sweet and golden with pink hues, untouched.

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