Our Millesumare of 2012 was judged as “surprising”!

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Recensione vino Millesulmare

To our great satisfaction, some friends have told us that we have received a “surprising” review, to put it mildly, of our flagship wine, “Millsulmare” Sicilia DOC Bianco, produced with Grecanico Dorato. The review appeared some days ago on the portal www.bereilvino.it and the author judges our wine as indeed surprising. We are very happy to share its opinion with you.

We thank Fabio Italiano, author of the review, and we are reporting a part of the article hereinafter. You can find the full text following the link below.

“…Millesulmare, this is the name of the wine I have tasted, is a monovarietal Grecanico Dorato of the 2012 harvest, with a beautiful golden straw-yellow color, very clean and bright. It is refined and intense on the nose, with hints reminding the citrusy notes of citron and lemon, but also a bit of green apple and sage and, of course, the typical mineral nuances of Etna. The wine presents a good structure and it is savoury, fresh and pleasantly acidulous on the palate, with the right persistence. In conclusion, Millesulmare is a refined and pleasant wine to drink now but that can last well for several years. In other words, a white wine worth drinking.”

“A true Sicilian white wine, surprising for its cleanliness and elegance. I wish I could taste more often wines like this. ”

Link to the full text of the article: http://www.bereilvino.it/2015/01/millesulmare-grecanico-dorato-sicilia-doc-2012-santa-maria-la-nave/

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