Millesulmare on Pope Francis’s Menù

By 22/09/2015December 12th, 2017News

From our heroic vineyard of Grecanico Dorato, located at 1100 mt. a.s.l. on Mount Etna, our Millesulmare has been chosen to accompany Pope Francis’s menù during his Apostolic travel in Ecuador in July.

Marco Picano is the chef that organized the event, he has tasted our Millesulmare during a very important Italian wine festival (the chef really loves Etna wines) and he decided to include them on the menù for the Pope’s flight on July 5th.

Our Millesulmare was subjected to the scrutiny of a qualified commission and master sommelier, and after being accessed the commission was pleasantly surprised by our wine and gave approval to include it on the Pope’s menù.

We are honored that our Millesulmare has been chosen to represent Mount Etna, during that important event.

We are also proud that we have gotten lots of positive feedback, our Millesulmare has also been requested on the flight’s menù, although it wasn’t in original program, during the same Apostolic travel in South America.

We would like to thank the chef Marco Picano (we would like to talk about him in our next article) and everyone responsible for this event and for appreciating and trusting our wine.

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